Bi-weekly meeting guide

The General Partner of Open Core Ventures meets with each OCV company on a bi-weekly cadence (as of Feb 2023, other companies which have received a ≥$1MM investment may meet monthly). This 25-minute meeting may include 2-3 companies at a time to encourage peer learning. Companies joining the same group call will sign a mutual NDA. We suggest no more than 2 attendees per company (typically, CEO & CTO).
OCV Founders are responsible for preparing an agenda for their bi-weekly meetings with OCV’s General Partner in advance (See
Meeting Format & Etiquette
). The OCV Team will review a prepared agenda 1-2 business days prior to the meeting and will insert relevant links from OCV’s handbook where questions are answered or topics covered to drive on efficiency. Additional clarification questions are welcome.
Below is the expected overarching agenda structure.
  1. What is the executive worried about for the business?
    1. Max of 3 new strategic questions / discussion topics.
    2. Examples:
      1. A technical issue is delaying our product launch date
      2. Sales cycle is taking longer than expected
  1. Achievement on goal(s) from last call.
    1. Review milestones around content marketing, hiring, growth metics, etc. See details at
      Quarterly Milestones & North Stars
    2. Notes should be brief and include specific goal (#) for the last 2 weeks, achievement (#), and percentage of goal attained.
  1. Goal(s) for next two weeks.
    1. Max of 3 goals, each with a specific metric attached.
    2. For Pre-Seed Round (i.e. external funding) companies - include workshopped content queue (blog titles) for review.
  1. Questions from the executive for the investor(s).
  1. Questions from the investor(s) for the executive.
See Template Agenda for a sample and additional detail on what the agenda should look like.
Also see “Meeting & Communication” page for additional guidelines.