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Incorporation Process Overview

The following diagram is an overview of some of the processes that are involved in incorporating a new company with Open Core Ventures.
%%{ init : { "theme" : "default", "flowchart" : { "curve" : "linear" }}}%% graph TB classDef default fill:#ffffff,stroke:#000000; subgraph Incorporation[Incorporation Overview] direction TB subgraph Initiation direction TB CompanyName["Name Selection from Provided Options"] CompanyName --> InitialSystems Inception --> FoundingStructure[Founding Structure and Compensation] InitialSystems["Initial Systems"] end subgraph Formation["Formation (4-5 weeks)"] direction TB CompanyName -.-> Offer InitialSystems --> Legal CompanyName --> Legal Legal FoundingStructure --> Offer --> Legal FoundingStructure --> Legal --> Banking --> Capitalization --> Funding end Funding --> OnboardingSystems subgraph Onboarding OnboardingSystems["Onboarding Systems (1 week)"] OnboardingProgram[Onboarding Program] Launch end end