OCV Public Handbook
OCV Public Handbook
OCV Public Handbook
OCV Public Handbook

OCV Public Handbook

OCV’s culture is handbook first. This is a living document of OCV’s processes and operating company reference guides. To avoid unstructured content, we follow the latest guidelines at https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/handbook-usage/#avoid-unstructured-content.
⚠️ For security reasons, we do not name our internal systems, vendors, or direct contact details in our public handbook.
Disclaimer: This document should not be relied on for legal or investment advice.

Company Guides

This section is for founders. It includes how to work with OCV, including prescriptive requirements and milestones.
Founder Onboarding
OCV Support Scope
Open Core Business Model
Open Core Business Model
Quarterly Milestones & North Stars
Company Goal Setting and Growth
Cap Table Concerns
Public Handbook & Template
Bi-weekly meeting guide
Board of Directors and Board Approval
Vendor Deals for OCV Companies
Open core pricing
Building the Product
Finding Product Market Fit
Runway & Operating Budget
Marketing & Branding
Finance Operations for OCV Companies
People Operations for OCV Companies
Notes to CEOs

OCV Operations

How the OCV firm operates. This section defines processes and procedures for the OCV team.
OCV Philosophy
Company Formation
OCV Finance Operations
OCV People Operations
OCV Content Operations
OCV Style Guide
OCV Meeting & Communication
OCV Social Media Guidelines