OCV Public Handbook/🧱Formation Stage

Formation Stage

OCV’s coverage areas will evolve based on business needs and staffing capacity. This outline is subject to frequent updates.
OCV will support the initial commercialization efforts for our companies. We do not charge companies any fees. There could be certain expense reimbursement (at cost) during the company launch phase, but amounts should be minimal and not expected to be ongoing once the company’s finance systems are set up.
  1. Incorporate the Company
  1. Establish a board of directors
  1. Recruit & hire first employee(s)
  1. Set up a bank account & company credit card account
    1. See
      Bank Accounts & Management
    2. In most cases, primary credit card admin responsibility will transfer to the founding team on Day 1
  1. Purchase website domain name
  1. File for trademark/patents (if applicable)
  1. Set up business systems (i.e. email accounts, other productivity, accounting, management tools, social media accounts, etc.)
  1. Engage external vendors (i.e. legal, finance, and HR teams, contract development shops, logo designer, etc.)
  1. Purchase laptop for founder (upon request)
  1. Create company launch content (interview founders, create OCV launch post, [optional] create company launch post)
During the formation stage, OCV may incur certain startup expenses on the Company’s behalf. OCV will invoice companies for reimbursement for actual costs incurred.