OCV Public Handbook/📚Legal Docs Review

Legal Docs Review

Incorporation paperwork

Term sheet

For OCV company’s Seed round:
  1. Options pool expectation: see Seed round options pool
  1. Board seat: see Board Composition
  1. Terms not to be in conflict with OCV’s safe side letter

Preferred financing round

OCV expects the following rights in our companies Seed Preferred financing round:
  1. Major Investor status - impacts information, pro-rata, inspection, right of first refusal, and co-sale rights
  1. Qualified Key Holder status - first common director seat and drag-along trigger are tied to the vote of a majority of Qualified Key Holders
    1. Drag-along triggers are not typically exercised in practice and generally not a point of contention
    2. The ability to vote for common director board seats is an important right for OCV given our ownership stake (especially common shares) in OCV companies