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OCV Content
  1. OCV is a known thought leader in commercial open source software, and buyer-based open core is rising in popularity.
  1. OCV’s handbook is a known and publicly referenced resource for start-up founders.
  1. OPBC is a named and publicly cited entity structure.
OCV Companies
  1. OCV companies are well-supported and confident in executing content strategy alongside content strategists.
  1. OCV companies can self-serve the majority of information via the handbook.


  1. See the Blog Post Ideas doc for a list of potential blog posts.
  1. Content alerts that help OCV scale take priority.
  1. Keep a running cue of 3 posts: one in an early draft, one in revision, and one in the final stages. Once a post is published, start a new draft.
  1. Goal: 3 published blog posts per month

Publishing to social media

LinkedIn and Twitter content should be prepped for each blog post ahead of publishing. Social media content should always include interesting, substantive points from the article. Social media should go out shortly after the post is published.
  1. The author should share links directly to the post.
  1. Preference for OCV to share links versus re-share the author unless OCV has a larger social media following than the author or company.

Approval process

  1. Social media content should be included in the final draft. Ask the author to review and approve both the article draft and the social media text.
  1. When posting to social media on behalf of our General Partner or COO, share the text immediately before posting, even if it was previously approved. This FYI will help us catch anything that shouldn’t be shared due to any changed circumstances.

Content Alerts

Day-of follow up
  1. Add to the handbook. Edit for clarity.
  1. Add to the blog post ideas log either as a new item or as a bullet point to an existing item.
  1. Send a follow-up message to Sid via WhatsApp. Include a screenshot or link to the handbook page update, depending on length. Include a blog post proposal when appropriate.
  1. Sid and Erica will flag content alerts that will make a good blog post
  1. Erica will create blog post proposals based on content alerts each week.

Company Support Process

  1. Company formation
    1. Source a content writer to pair with new companies to write OCV company launch article.
  1. Pre-CEO
    1. Onboard new companies to content marketing expectations and processes.
    2. Brainstorm the initial 4 blog post titles.
    3. Assist with hiring the first content creator.
    4. Assist with managing freelancer and content cue.
  1. Post-CEO & Growth
    1. Content strategy consulting