Corporate Credit Card

Guidelines on using corporate credit cards

Accounting card

The “Accounting Card” is used for the company's general business needs. These include paying for recurring system subscriptions and vendors for company-wide usage. The purpose of using the Accounting Card instead of credit cards tied to individual team members is to ensure business continuity. For example, if a team member leaves the company, the team wouldn’t need to remember all the accounts tied to their individual credit card and request updates.
Transactions on the Accounting Card is reviewed by the Accounting Team.
For business expenses > USD 1,000 per transaction, direct invoicing is required instead of credit card payment. Invoicing process is managed by the Accounting Team and requires Management review and approval prior to payment processing.

Individual corporate credit card

Founder(s) and (interim) CEOs are issued a business credit card for individual business use. Typical expense items include but not limited to business travels, meals with clients, individual workplace subscriptions, and other business needs.
Management Team should work with the Finance Team to establish their own expense reimbursement policies, including whether to issue other team members an individual corporate credit card.
All card holders are required to submit notes and receipts for all credit card transactions. This is an IRS requirement.

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