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Legal Compliance - Post Round Close

Form D

After closing the round, companies should file Form D with the SEC to be received by 30 calendar days after the securities in the offering are closed. The legal team will request:
  1. Form ID Application (for SEC EDGAR Codes) review
  1. CEO to sign (wet-ink) Power of Attorney
Form D is an acknowledgement of exemption from Regulation D which is typical for venture backed companies. For additional details, see https://www.sec.gov/oiea/investor-alerts-and-bulletins/private-placements-under-regulation-d-investor-bulletin.
Form D can be found here: https://www.sec.gov/files/formd.pdf.

Timing Consideration

  • Financing round will become public information after Form D filing. Companies should coordinate Form D timing with any planned public announcements / press releases.