OCV operates in an all-remote environment. We have team members across various time zones and work with founders and other team members around the world.
To promote a healthy and sustainable work environment, we ask the following of our team & external partners when requesting meetings:

General Availability - Reasonable Time Window to Request Meetings:

  • Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm LOCAL TIME
This does not mean that team members are expected to be available and online during this window the entire time. It’s understandable to have life obligations and non-work appointments during the day. We look to team members to manage their time independently and effectively to meet business objectives. “General Availability” merely provides a guideline on when it would be appropriate to request a meeting.

Exception Cases:

  • OCV will accept recurring meeting times at 8:00am LOCAL TIME, if needed, based on our GP’s calendar availability
  • Meeting times prior to 8:00am LOCAL TIME should be rare (no more than 2-3 times per month) and based on GP’s calendar availability
  • When working on a time sensitive project, it’s okay to ask for availability outside of the standard office hours politely. Acceptance is at the respondent’s discretion and there’s no pressure to say yes. These asks should be rare and reserved for critical business needs only.
In general, there’s no expectation to attend meetings outside of General Availability and Exception Cases outlined above. In these situations, OCV team member(s) should communicate with the meeting organizer. If the meeting was scheduled based on GP’s availability, make sure at least 1 other team member in the same time zone coverage can join the meeting to support.
It’s fine for team members to set their “general availability” hours based on a different time zone for personal or business needs. Please discuss with manager and let the broader team know.
“If a meeting is so critical that it must be scheduled over the weekend, then there must be room for it during the business day.”