Real-Time Communication

Chat & Text Messages

Slack is the primary internal communications channel for real-time messaging.
  • Create Slack Connect channels between Operating Companies and OCV:
    • Channel naming convention: “companyname-ocv”
Text messages to cell phone numbers should be limited to urgent needs only and/or when necessary with an external audience.
Be mindful of teammates’ time-zones when sending notes in messaging platform(s). There are no expectations to respond to messages sent after-hours locally (see General Availability - Reasonable Time Window to Request Meetings:). Please try to minimize DMs during off-hours. Suggested alternatives to off-hour DMs:
  1. Add notes to 1:1 docs to review later
  1. Schedule the message to be sent the following business day
  1. Email

Voice Calls

We currently use a virtual telephone service for our communication.
All new OCV team members would be given a virtual telephone number to make and receive calls as well as texting during onboarding.
In the case that a cell phone would need to be issued by the company, this would be based on the manager’s approval.