PTO Policy

Unlimited. No accruals or carryover and not paid out upon termination.
Our "don't ask, do tell" policy means you inform your manager when taking time off. Approval is required for extending beyond three weeks.

Taking time off

When you take any time off, you should follow this process:
  • Let your manager and team know as soon as possible. (e.g., send a message in your team's Slack channel)
  • Request time-off in OCV’s payroll management system for PTO tracking & reporting
  • Designate a backup team member for anything that needs covering while you're out. (i.e., meetings, planned tasks, unfinished business, important chat/email threads, anything where someone might be depending on you)
  • Mark an all-day "out of office" event in your work calendar for the day(s) you're taking off
This process is the same for any days you take off, regardless of whether it's a holiday or you just need a break.