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Managing Paid Time Off for Employees

This page is for company management teams to assist with the accuracy of employee PTO tracking.
Employees engaged through an employer of record (EOR) will accrue paid time off (PTO). The minimum amount of time off is determined by the local laws. You can see the amount of PTO required for each location in your EOR platform.
Managers can approve time off that has not yet accrued by the employees, effectively providing more than the statutory amounts of PTO.  This is done on a case by case basis and the PTO will need to be approved and tracked in your EOR platform.

Why track PTO

Enhanced Productivity: Regular breaks boost productivity and creativity. By planning and taking time off, employees will return to work more focused and ready to tackle challenges.
Improved Mental Health: Taking time off reduces stress and burnout, leading to improved mental and emotional well-being.
Stronger Team Dynamics: When each team member takes time to rest and recharge, it fosters a positive team environment. Collaboration and communication flourish when everyone is at their best.
Fiscal responsibility: PTO accrues EOR platform and when an employee leaves or a company winds down the employee will be paid out on unused accrued PTO depending on the local regulations.

How to Track PTO

Founders please see detailed instructions here