Open a new Job in Greenhouse

Start In your Greenhouse Dashboard by selecting:

Add - then Create a Job

notion image
notion image
Start from a template job:
notion image
Note: below update office to be your company name from the dropdown menu
notion image

Hiring Team:

Who can see this job:  Add your name and select permission: Job Admin: private

Job Kickoff:

Skip this step

Candidate Scorecard:

Complete as appropriate

Post Job:

Post to: Select your company name from the drop down menu

Publish to free boards:

Add/update a city and select to post if needed. Note: it is required to add a city.
Complete the job opening.

After opening the job there are a few more steps from the Job Dashboard page:

From Job dashboard page Add Approvals:

on the Left panel select “Approvals” then “Add approval Step”
Add yourself as an approver  and select “3 of 3 approvers required”
notion image

From Job dashboard page publish the Job Post:

Toggle the status on and verify that you have selected the Your Company job board
notion image

Your job will now be live and ready to start processing candidates through the process.