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Company launch announcement

Launching a new company is a big deal! Once a new company is incorporated, OCV Marketing will help the new company with a new company launch announcement plan.

Company Requirements

To kick off the launch plan, we ask that the company has the following ready:
  1. A company logo and brand assets
  1. The first iteration of the website is live
  1. Social media channels are set up with brand assets and taglines

Blog post by OCV

  1. The first week after company incorporation, OCV’s Head of Content will schedule a 45-minute interview with the new founder covering:
    1. The founder’s background
    2. The open source project’s origin and the founder’s relationship to the project
    3. The problem/solution space the technology operates in
    4. The vision for the company and product
    5. The company’s status as an Open Charter company (if applicable)
  1. OCV’s Head of Content will draft quotes for OCV’s GP and COO to incorporate. Drafts can be sent for approval before the final draft is completed.
  1. The first draft will be sent to the founder within 10 business days to review and request edits.
  1. Once approved by the founder, the final draft will be sent to OCV’s GP And COO for final approval.


  1. KEDA maintainer Zbynek Roubalik launches Kedify: Enterprise autoscaling for Kubernetes
  1. Ramatak: the open core platform for mobile gaming built with Godot
  1. Ondsel: making solid modeling tools accessible for everyone
  1. Introducing our first public benefit company, Authentik Security
  1. Why we invested in Mermaid Chart

[Optional] Additional Content

TODO list of additional content possibilities for the companies to consider

Launch Day Checklist

  1. Blog posts are published and cross-linked
  1. Social media is approved and scheduled
    1. OCV Twitter and LinkedIn
    2. New Company Twitter and LinkedIn
    3. OCV GP Twitter and LinkedIn
    4. Suggested social sharing copy shared with OCV team
  1. Monitoring for anticipated press stories and mentions to reshare