OCV Public Handbook
OCV Public Handbook
Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding

Company launch announcement
Content Marketing
Demand Generation
Logo Design
Public Relations
Rapid Response

Marketing Milestones

OCV companies start marketing efforts on day one. We focus heavily on content marketing because it is a low-cost and effective way to generate awareness. OCV’s head of content will work with each new founder to prepare the first 4 blog post titles and to source a content writing support.
  1. Pre-CEO
    1. Create a content plan with OCV support
    2. Propose 4 blog post titles at the bi-weekly OCV meetings
    3. Publish 4 blog posts per month
    4. Hire content creator (contract/freelance) 🔗 Job description template
  1. Post-CEO
    1. Continue blog titles and publishing cadence
    2. Hire a PR firm.
  1. Growth
    1. Hire a head of marketing.