OCV Public Handbook/🪞Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding

Company launch announcement
Content Marketing
Demand Generation & Advertising
Logo Design
Public Relations
Rapid Response

Marketing Milestones

OCV companies start marketing efforts on day one. We focus heavily on content marketing because it is a low-cost and effective way to generate awareness. OCV’s head of content will work with each new founder to prepare the first 4 blog post titles and to source a content writing support.
  1. Pre-CEO
    1. Create a content plan with OCV support
    2. Propose 4 blog post titles at the bi-weekly OCV meetings
    3. Publish 4 blog posts per month
    4. Hire content creator (contract/freelance) 🔗 Job description template
  1. Post-CEO
    1. Continue blog titles and publishing cadence
    2. Hire a PR firm.
  1. Growth
    1. Hire a head of marketing.