Logo Design

OCV will connect new companies with a brand identity designer to create a logo for each company as part of our pre-launch activities. See .
In the spirit of moving quickly, the portfolio company with be presented with a few options to choose from, including the initial color scheme for the brand. Logos and color schemes may change over time.
The designer will ask our founders to complete a brand strategy survey for the logo design process. Below are general inputs to consider:
  • Name of the company
    • Significance/meaning (if applicable)
  • Company mission statement
  • Near-term and long-term goals
  • What personality traits would you use to describe the company & its products
  • Target audience/customer base for the company
  • Brand attributes: adjectives, emotional/intuitive feeling the brand is expected to invoke
  • Competitors & their branding - how will you differentiate?
  • Primary message to be conveyed by the brand

Brand Assets

The brand designer will provide the follow assets:
  1. Company logo (SVG and PNG with transparent background), including horizontal and vertical stacked versions when applicable.
  1. Email signature
  1. Banners (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  1. Profile image (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  1. Social sharing image (default link sharing image)

Additional Resources