OCV Parental Leave Policy

Effective date: November 1, 2023
OCV is committed to supporting its employees during significant life events, including the arrival of a new family member. Our parental leave policy is designed to provide eligible employees with the time and financial support they need to bond with and care for their newborn or newly adopted infant child.


All full-time employees who have completed at least one year of continuous service with OCV are eligible for parental leave.

Leave duration

Employees are entitled to three months (12 weeks) of leave for bonding. This leave can be taken consecutively or in two week separate blocks within the first year following the birth or adoption of a child. Of these 12 weeks for bonding, the company will ensure an employee is paid 100% of their salary for 12 weeks after taking into consideration any state-provided benefits to which the employee is entitled. The company extends this paid benefit to all its employees regardless of the state of employment. All employees must apply for and obtain whatever state benefits are available to them. San Francisco employees must also be eligible under the PFL program to receive PFL compensation for the purpose of bonding with a new child.

Leave application process

To request parental leave, employees must provide at least 12 weeks advance notice to their manager. The request should include the anticipated start date of the leave and any specific scheduling preferences.

Supplemental benefits

If an employee participates in the company’s group health plan, they will maintain coverage during their Parental Leave on the same terms as if they had continued to work. If applicable, an employee must make arrangements to pay their share of health plan premiums while on leave. In some instances, the company may recover premiums it paid to maintain health coverage or other benefits for the employee and their family. Use of Parental Leave will not result in the loss of any employment benefit that accrued prior to the start of their leave.

Returning to work

At the conclusion of the parental leave, employees are expected to return to their regular duties and schedule. OCV will make reasonable efforts to accommodate any requests for flexible work arrangements upon return.

Job protection

Employees on parental leave will be protected from any adverse employment actions, and their position or an equivalent one will be available upon their return. The continuation of benefits during the leave will be subject to the employee's regular contribution.

Communication during leave

While on parental leave, employees are encouraged to stay in touch with their team and remain informed about any significant changes or developments within the company. However, employees are not required to perform work duties during this period.
Note: this policy is specifically designed for OCV employees based on our business needs, which may not be appropriate for the goals and objectives of OCV companies. OCV companies are encouraged to develop their own parental leave policy.