CEO Transition Checklist


CEO title change
  • Permanent CEOs: All corporate officer titles will be transferred to the CEO other than CTO and Secretary. OCV representative will retain Secretary title until the company closes its Seed round. This is to help facilitate an orderly wind down process just in case.
  • Interim CEOs: Only transfer CEO title.
  • Legal team requires a copy of CEO offer letter and employment agreement.
Access to CapTable management platform


Access to all finance systems including approver status to all company expenses
Update Company signer for bank accounts
  • May require KYC materials such as ID and address verification
Monthly meeting with Finance & Accounting Team

People Ops

Access to ATS and EOR systems
Walk through standard recruiting process and procedures:
Recruiting for OCV Companies

Other Systems

Company LinkedIn and other social media accounts
Company mailbox
Company workspace and shared drives
OCV Founder Group chat
Recurring meeting invites